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A wonderful 12 months

As we return from the Summer break, here is a word from Elizabeth, Choir Chair:

Dear BJC and BYV parents
It was lovely to see so many of you at the picnic on 9th July the last Wednesday of last term - there are some lovely photographs by Nick Charles here. Weren’t we lucky with the weather… (you need the choir photo password to see these contact us if you need to be reminded of it.)
I would like to round off the choir year by saying what an incredible 12 months it has been. Thank you to John for his wonderful leadership and to all of you for your support. Here are just some of the highlights (with some pleas for help too!):
- Autumn concert with party and 'cutting of the cake' to mark 20 years of BJC
- Christmas concert in Crystal Palace in collaboration with an adult choir (Jubilate Singers)
- Spring concerts at St Luke's Woodside and Holy Trinity in Sydenham
- Participation in a concert to celebrate John Webber's 50 years in music at his church in Dulwich
- Anniversary concert to celebrate 21 years of BJC and 10 years of BYV, which had a great turn out, including 15 former choir members (including a 31 year-old founding member!), many more former parents and all in the presence of the Mayor of Bromley!
Stuart Kale continues to do a great job working on individual voices to prepare them for solos and concerts
Mark Edwards has been playing the guitar at Wednesday rehearsals and concerts for many years and we are very grateful for his talent and that he gives us his time freely
Many choir members are now involved in accompanying the choir; thank you to all of them for the superb job they do.
- our sponsorship by Allen Heritage Estates Agents continues and thrives
- the support from Lancasters Design has been hugely valuable; they help with the website and publicity flyers 
- we applied and received a grant from the Woodruff Foundation thanks to Silvia Giampieri. This will enable us to continue to give bursaries to pay for termly fees. Please do ask in confidence if your family needs help
- If you have fees left outstanding, Joanna Carpenter will be delighted to hear from you!
Parental Support
we have a first class secretary, Niamh Brooks, which means the choir is now more organized than ever before
our new Head of Sound Team is Ant Westgarth, who has done an amazing job. Please do let us know if you can help Ant from time to time. We are also desperate to find a home for our sound system (all insured). Please let us know if you can offer some space for 2 large boxes.
- Mary Davies co-ordinates the rota for supervising BJC at Wednesday rehearsal. Please make Mary's job easier by volunteering to help and then remembering to turn up!
- Nick Charles has been a fantastic choir photographer over the years but now has work commitments at weekends. Thank you to all the photographers who have stepped in. Please get in touch if this is an area you can help with
- BJC committee have worked really well together and I am very grateful to all on the team: Joanna Carpenter, Niamh Brooks, Jyoti Bahadur, Lorraine Cousins, Silvia Giampieri and Sean Horstead. Please do consider whether you can join us. We meet 3 times a year so it's not an onerous commitment and I will be going to France for a few months in January 2015 so it would be good to have a couple more people involved.
Choir Recruitment and publicity
-  Thank you to Gwyneth Try who designs our concert posters and flyers
-  Approximately 10 children are moving from BJC to BYV next year so we have plenty of space in BJC to fill in September 
- Please let your family and friends know about BJC. We will give leaflets to the children in September for them to give to their friends! All new children benefit from a free trial session
- Jyoti Bahadur does a great job with our PR and our Anniversary concert achieved good press coverage  this should help us with recruitment.
I hope to see you all in September and don’t forget to put the AGM in your diary on Wednesday 17th September at 7pm at Elm Rd Church.
On that note, I wish you all a wonderful summer!

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We would love to hear from families who would like their children to join in the choirs and sing with a lively and non-competitive group of young people.
Contact us and arrange to come along there are no auditions, anyone aged 6 - 17 can join our choirs.

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