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We have been frequently asked by young musicians if there is a chance to accompany the choir as an instrumentalist. We have a series of young soloists that we incorporate regularly all have accompanied the choir on many occasions, and both have performed solo recitals.

We have also invited musicians from friends and families of the choir to join us in our concerts. We try to include them at least once a year, to increase variety.

Over the years we have had the experience of James Olsen, Michael Segal, Louisa Abraham, Serena Aylward, Tim Segal, Rebecca Segal and Tom Chapman. All have gone on to great things in their own spheres of interest: James and Serena have read music at Cambridge and Tom started doing so at York in the autumn of 2007.

 All our teenage pianists have said over the years that playing for BJC (and some for BYV) has been one of the things that they’ve loved most in their musical life - and that’s saying something, when you think of all their other opportunities at school an elsewhere. The attendance by each pianist has been close to 100% over the years, after all.