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Charlie Warren ↑ back

Charlie joined to sing in the Beckenham Junior Choir in 2001 and left when he joined The London Oratory School, in which he is now a 6th former.

He was taught piano by John up to grade 8 and is working on his grade 8 organ, as well as playing the trumpet and singing in the London Oratory Schola.

He attended the 'Organ Scholar Experience' course in Cambridge in the summer of 2010, which was organised by the Royal College of Organists, and has become an organ scholar in September 2011. Charlie was an organ scholar at Oxford University, he is currenty Organ Scholar at St. Mary's Battersea and is studying for his Masters degree. 




Becky Warren ↑ back

Becky joined the Beckenham Junior Choir in 2001. John taught Becky piano up to grade 8, and she joined the choirs to play the piano in 2008. Becky studied at Southampton University, and music technology in Berlin and works in publishing.