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Rebecca Segal

John taught Becky piano up to grade 8, and Becky played the violin up to grade 7. Becky has a great personality and was much loved by us all for her fun and enthusiasm.
"I was in the choir from about 1995 til 1999. I played solo for concerts on violin and for group instrumentals and then I joined the choir accompanying in 2003 'til 2006 when I went to university in York.
It was great to be in the choir while my brother Mike was there as accompanist. My mum always remembers one of Mikes first concerts, he accompanied my first solo of "Leaning on a Lamp-post".
It was a great experience to combine my love of music with working with the children. John offers such brilliant opportunities and its such good fun with a great mix of different types of music".”




Tim Segal

Tim (the middle member of the family and John Webber's godson) offered to play for us for a few weeks when we were without a regular pianist, between Serena and Tom / Becky.