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Michael Segal

Mike was a wonderful person to have around; enormous commitment and dedication. He made great strides in the time that he was with us. A highlight for him was playing a complicated 7-page piece by C V Stanford on Southwark Cathedral organ for the big Evensong with Amici Cantantes on Feb. 3rd, 2001.

"John taught me the piano and organ for over ten years in total and asked me at the end of 1998 if I would like to be involved in BJC. From 1999 to 2001 I accompanied the choir on the piano, taught songs, conducted and also played a few solos in concerts.
My main memories of the choir are how enthusiastic the children were, and how the main aim was that they would have fun through their music. I think the children in particular liked us allowing so many of them to do little solos, even the younger ones and the slightly less confident singers.
Personally I very much enjoyed my time with BJC and it was a great experience for me..”